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Schedule an office appointment in Maryland or Oregon, or book a phone or video consult.

Office appointments:

You can book an appointment at the IBD Specialty Center in Silver Spring, MD using the scheduler below.

I also schedule patients twice per year in Oregon: call 503.928.7605 or email to inquire about dates.

Remote educational consults:

I have extensive clinical experience using fecal microbiota transplantation (FMT) and helminthic therapy, especially in the context of inflammatory bowel disease. If you have questions about FMT, helminthic therapy, or IBD, but can't travel to Maryland or Oregon to become my patient, SCROLL DOWN TO THE BOTTOM to schedule a remote educational consult below.

This is usually one or occasionally two appointments, and it doesn't establish a doctor-patient relationship. I don't order any tests or prescribe any herbs or medicines, I just share information you can use on your own or with your local health care team.

Use the scheduler below for appointments at the IBD Specialty Center in Silver Spring, Maryland. It you want a remote consult (phone or Skype), keep scrolling down to the very bottom.

Use the scheduler below for remote educational consults (phone and Skype appointments).